Get Trained

NYTAG provides culturally sensitive educational trainings to organizations, groups, and legislators/Policy makers throughout New York

Health Care Providers/Hospitals

The New York Transgender Advocacy Group (NYTAG) offers training for healthcare providers on Transgender & Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) issues.  This 4-module training is aimed at healthcare providers and hospitals in order to ensure they provide effective and respectful medical care to members of the TGNC community. Each module is designed to tackle issues such as bias within practice, the unique challenges TGNC people face when accessing healthcare, and what you can do to ensure the needs of your TGNC patients are met with respect and understanding.

Overall Objectives

  • Articulate the different types of bias and describe how they facilitate the perpetuation of health disparities amongst TGNC communities
  • Reflect on your own biases and how they might impact your relationships with TGNC patients and/or traumatize your TGNC-identified clients
  • Apply effective strategies to better support the needs of the TGNC community and promote their access to optimal and equitable health services
  • Integrate trauma-informed approaches that affirm members of the TGNC community and contribute to their healing and overall health

Moving Towards a Solution

Module 1

Barriers to healthcare for TGNC people

Module 3

Agency and Institutional Barriers

Module 2

Challenges for providers in offering equitable, quality care

Module 4

Challenges in creating effective programs for TGNC people