New York Transgender Advocacy Group:

Demanding Policy that Protects Against Discrimination

The New York Transgender Advocacy Group is a Transgender-led organization. Our mission is to advocate for more inclusive gender-based policies that benefit Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming/Non-Binary (TGNCNB) individuals through building community leaders, educating practitioners, and influencing policy makers.

Our vision is to create an equitable society for TGNCNB people. To achieve this, we work with stakeholders around New York to train and empower the TGNCNB community to become active leaders in shaping the world around them

NYTAG has always understood that the current disparities that the TGNCNB community face are the results of historical and structural violence that can only be addressed effectively by empowering TGNCNB individuals to be effective leaders of their own communities, with a clear and impactful voice in all aspects that affect their lives.

Enhancing LGBTQI Demographic Data


Enhancing Data & Understanding of LGBTQI New Yorkers Campaign  

The New York Transgender Advocacy Group is leading the fight in getting the Enhancing Data & Understanding for LGBTQI New Yorkers bill (A7929/S6321) passed in New York State. The bill requires the collection of certain demographic information about the sexual orientation and gender identity by certain state agencies, boards and commissions.

The New York Transgender Advocacy Group is conducting a multi-phased campaign, running from June 2019 through June 2020 to ensure that LGBTQI New Yorkers are counted and awarded the resources needed to ensure the community thrives.

You can help by signing our petition to get Governor Cuomo to sign the bill now!


Statistics: Did you know?

Statistics_90% outlined copy 2.png

of Trans individuals report being harassed or discriminated against at work

Statistics_1 in 5 outlined copy.png

Black Transgender women are living with HIV

Statistics_40% outlined copy 2.png

of Trans individuals have attempted suicide in their lifetime

(compared to the U.S population 4.6%)

of trans individuals who sought coverage for transition related surgery in the past year were denied

GENDA Know Your Rights Project:

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