Get Trained

NYTAG provides culturally sensitive educational trainings to organizations, groups, and legislators/Policy makers throughout New York

Health Care Providers/Hospitals

Overall Objectives

  • Articulate the different types of bias and describe how they facilitate the perpetuation of health disparities amongst TGNC communities
  • Reflect on your own biases and how they might impact your relationships with TGNC patients and/or traumatize your TGNC-identified clients
  • Apply effective strategies to better support the needs of the TGNC community and promote their access to optimal and equitable health services
  • Integrate trauma-informed approaches that affirm members of the TGNC community and contribute to their healing and overall health

Moving Towards a Solution

Module 1

Barriers to healthcare for TGNC people

Module 1

Agency and Institutional Barriers

Module 1

Challenges for providers in offering equitable, quality care

Module 1

Challenges in creating effective programs for TGNC people