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NYTAG provides culturally sensitive educational trainings to organizations, groups, and legislators/Policy makers throughout New York

Community-Based Organization

The New York Transgender Advocacy Group (NYTAG) educate community-based organizations on Transgender & Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) issues and how to best serve them. Our interactive curriculum includes case studies allowing participants to learn through real life examples of serving the TGNC community. This 4-module leadership and advocacy training is designed to engage community-based organizations in effective partnerships with the TGNC community. Each module confronts our use of language, bias, barriers and the development of partnerships. All modules are aimed at helping community-based organizations address and better gaps in their services and support.

Overall Objectives

  • Develop appropriate language to describe members of the TGNC community, their experiences, and their specific needs
  • Recognize how they perpetuate stigma against TGNC individuals, both individually and at the organizational level
  • Apply best practices to overcome individual, community, and institutional biases and offer affirming services that adequately meet the needs of TGNC individuals
  • Develop effective partnerships with members of the TGNC community and TGNC-led organizations to better address gaps in services and support

Moving Towards a Solution

Module 1

The Importance of Using Affirming Language

Module 3

Overcoming Barriers to Adequate Care and Service Provision

Module 2

Unpacking Bias and Stigma Against TGNC Individuals

Module 4

Developing and Sustaining Effective Partnerships