Our Model

The New York Transgender Advocacy Group (NYTAG) takes a holistic approach when working to advance the lives of those who identify as Transgender or Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC).  NYTAG believes that by offering education and trainings, we can help dismantle negative stereotypes and build bridges–all with the end goal of creating and implementing policies that protect against discrimination. 

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Individual Programming (Micro)

The New York Transegnder Advocacy Group provides a host of trainings and educational opportunities for the TGNCNB community and their allies. The individual pogromming includes:

  • GENDA Know Your Rights Training

    Join the New York Transgender Advocacy Group for one of our 2-hour GENDA Know Your Rights training. This interactive case-based training will give participants all the information they need to understand how the law affects those who identify as Transgender & Gender Non-Conforming/Non-Binary.

  • TGNC Summer Advocacy Shadow Program

    (6) TGNCNB New York residents between the ages 16-24 to take part in a one-week intensive summer shadow program. This program will provide an opportunity for our next generation of leaders to become civically engaged in policy and advocacy.

  • TGNC & Ally Advocate Development Program

    A 4-module leadership and advocacy training is designed to engage participants around core legislation that impact the transgender and gender non-conforming (TGNC) community.

Community Education and Training (Mezzo)

The New York Transegnder Advocacy Group provides education and training for professionals and service providers through a carefully developed curriculum, panels, and seminars. The types of trainings we offer are broken into the following service groups:

  • Health Care Providers

Hospitals, Community Health Centers, Emergency Departments, Substance Use Programs

  • Non-Profit Professional & Organizations 

Housing, Employment, Education

  • Faith Based Leaders and Institutions 

Churches, Temples, Mosques

  • New York Police Department (NYPD) & Corrections

Police & Corrections Officers

  • Policy Makers & Politicians 

City Council, Elected Officials, Staffers

Advocacy and Lobbying (Macro)

The New York Transegnder Advocacy Group partners with other impactful organizations to advocate for City, State and Federal LGBTQI friendly legislation. Some current public polices being supported by NYTAG include: 

  • Enhancing Data & Understanding for LGBTQI New Yorkers

  • Banning the Trans/Gay “Panic” Defense

  • Dignity & Safety for All Drivers

  • Expanding Gender Neutral Returroms in all Public Places