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Facing the Future Together: Breaking Down Barriers for TLGBQI New Yorkers will bring together activists from around the state to advocate for policies that will lead to a more equitable New York for all LGBTQI New Yorkers. This one-day advocacy day will include panels, workshops, elected official visits, and coalition building. As we build on the historic wins that occured in January, we will strategically move our equality platform ahead and discuss strategies to continue to improve the lives of LGBTQI New Yorkers. The following principles will guide all the work we do for the 2019 Advocacy Day:

  • We acknowledge the LGBTQI communities of New York are diverse in many ways and there is no single agenda that can entirely represent all LGBTQI New Yorkers;

  • We aim to have a thoughtfully diverse, equitable and inclusionary coalition  that works to implement mechanisms by which those who choose to be involved can gain access and inform our decisions and priorities;

  • Achieving full protections for our trans communities is a high priority in a state where most other legal protections are provided;

  • The challenges of the LGBTQI community are at the intersection of multiple identities: racism, classism, sexism, economic issues and many more are central to supporting LGBTQI people;

  • We  support each others organizations and efforts, recognizing  partnerships are valuable, as we work towards building a powerful voice for LGBTQI people and organizations throughout the state;

  • New York is a large state with different lived experiences in different areas of the state. An LGBTQI state coalition must represent all of these areas, being intentional not to over-represent the New York City region.



Prior to Facing the Future Together: Breaking Down Barriers for TLGBQI New Yorkers advocacy day, there will be two webinars to prepare participants to thrive during their time with us.

2019 Legislative Priorities Webinar

Thursday, March 28, 2019 from 12:00PM-1:00PM

We will be hosting a webinar to offer newcomers an overview of our policy platform.  Members of NYTAG’s legislative coalition will lead a presentation and discussion about the bills NYTAG is currently promoting, and how best to discuss them with lawmakers and laypeople alike.  This webinar is highly recommended for all attendees.

Advocacy 101

Thursday, April 4, 2019 from 12:00PM-1:00PM

The curriculum committee will be hosting an hour-long webinar to discuss the basics of advocacy with attendees.  This training will include an overview of how to talk to elected officials, how to persuasively utilize strategic storytelling, and other best practices for new advocates.  

Take a moment to register for the pre-event(s) below:


Monday, April 8, 2019

6:00PM-8:00PM Happy Hour Networking

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

8:30AM-9:30AM - Breakfast & Networking

9:30AM-10:00AM Opening Remarks

10:00AM-11:00AM - Panel Sessions/Workshop

(a) Panel: Using Social Work Values to Influence Public Policy

(b) Workshop: Teenagers, Health care, and the Law

11:00AM-11:30AM - Break

11:30AM-12:15PM - Elected Officials Visits

Group A/Group B/Group C/Group D

12:30PM-1:00PM Press Conference (Million Dollar Staircase)

1:00PM-2:00PM - Lunch

2:00PM-3:00PM - Panel Session(s)/Workshop #2

(a) Panel: Birds, Bees and Bias: Sex Education in New York State

(b) Workshop: Know Your Rights Post-GENDA

3:00PM-4:00PM Networking & Coalition Building

4:00PM-4:30PM - Closing Remarks


TLGBQI Advocacy Day will be held in the Legislative Office Building (LOB). Registration will be outside of Hearing Room C.

We would like to thank the following sponsors for providing us with space for advocacy day: Senator Brad Hoylman & Assemblymember Richard Gottfried.


The 2019 Advocacy Day is a free event thanks to all our generous sponsors. Please fill our the registration information below to attend. Participants will receive emails with updates as the day of the event gets closer.

Registration includes bus transportation to/from NYC <> Albany and other upstate locations the day of the event.

Any questions or concerns can be directed at Amanda Babine, Director of Policy & Programs at: amanda@nytag.org or 212-614-0023 Ext. 115

Policy Platform

The New York State Advocacy Day Coalition has produced a list of policy priorities for our advocacy day and 2019. These policy priorities will be used during the elected official visits and  inform the curriculum we provide to the community.

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